About Me

My name is Megan and I would like to say I am a lot like Batman. I spend most of my time in a dark room messing around with my many computerized devices. Which is exactly what Batman does right? We also have the same sense of fashion. batman

Ok I am nothing like Batman. The only justice I serve is stopping my dogs from chasing the cat, and lets face it the cat sort of deserves it.

So what we have learned is my name is Megan, I am nothing like Batman, and I am a geek. Because what non geek has a batman mask. Honestly there is not much more to know about me. I started this blog because I was told that I should, now I am just trying to find my way around this new strange world of blogging.



I do not really understand social media… I am particularly puzzled by this Twitter thing. I am slowly working to fully understand the point of it. If you would like to follow me my twitter name/handle whatever you call it is @Megaphone25.


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