Thoughts of a Stolen Guitar

I have been thinking about you a lot lately. The truth is I have never stopped thinking about you. I just don’t understand what happened to you. One minute you were here the next you were gone without even saying goodbye.
I wish I knew why you disappeared, or even just know what happened to you. We were so close, you were my whole world. There is nothing I would not have done for you. I was there from the very beginning, I saw your highs and lows. I helped grow your love for music. You took me with you were ever you would go. I just don’t see how you could leave me behind without another thought.
I miss everything about you, I miss your face, your voice. I miss the way you use to stroke your fingers across my body.
Now that I think about it maybe I am the one that went away. I don’t recognize these strange people around me. I am not even sure were I am, it is not a place that you ever took me.
These people never pay any attention to me, they keep me hidden away. I don’t understand what is going on but if I am the one that went away I wonder if you are looking for me.
No, I am sure you are looking for me. I will never give up hope that someday we will be reunited again. I am and will forever be your guitar.


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