Space Junkers


This is Captain Tobias Harlan Hamm and this is my first entry from abroad the SAS Truvate.
I am not sure if anyone at the Universal Peace Administration will listen to this log but as Captain it is my duty and I am a professional. I know most of the people at U.P.A thinks that the R&R division is a joke and they even call us Junkers. It is important an important division, without it our administrations equipment and data could fall into the wrong hands.
I would just like to say that I am just glad they could give me a ship of any sorts to captain. I should have been aboard one of the Elite ships but due to unfortunate circumstances I was unable to complete my test on time and therefore all the available slots were taken. The academy was nice enough to let me take my test without having to go through the next session.
I am the first in my class to make captain , even if it is of a scavenger vessel…
I have gotten off track.
It has been exactly one week since we left command. We have yet to have a real mission, so basically we are just floating around waiting to be called to a wreckage. I know the crew and I are ready to actually get to really work with one another.
Speaking of the crew I just realized I have yet to do the crew list, you know in case we all die you guys know exactly who is aboard to notify the families and all.
There are six crew members aboard the Truvate, myself included. Yes, most scavenger vessels are manned by just three crew members but they felt we could really shine if we had the three extra crew members, or they just gave me what members they had left over and had no other place for.
Among our crew we have our pilot Calix Foxglove. From everything I have seen so far from him he seems like and excellent pilot. I have no idea why he did not get stationed aboard one of the Elites, or any ship other than this one.
Secondly we have Huxley Sutton who is our computer data retriever guy. He was once the head scientist aboard three different explore ships. From what I could gather he had to be relocated because of personality conflicts with, well everyone. I have spent very little time talking to him but so far all of our conversations have been him talking about himself and how he was above working on a “Junker” Ship. I think he just needs sometime to adjust and then he will come around.
Then we have… Enu Gruffin our… muscle? I am sorry I am not really sure what everyone’s official title is. Basically he helps with any of the heavy equipment that needs to be carried back abroad our ship. He is a descendant of the colonist of the plant Igrana. Yes the Igra are the ones had that big war against us and almost destroyed civilization as we know it, but Enu was just a child when they went to war and his people our completely different from the ones that went to war with us. It is unfortunate that he looks like and Igra and so there is a lot of hate and prejudice against him. That is why he was assigned to my ship, otherwise he would have been a great solider. He has been nothing but nice and professional this one week I have known him.
That brings us to the girls…
We have Anwen Ripley, daughter of Gavin Ripley the head of U.P.A. She is our ships engineer. She is supposedly genius seeing how she passed all her tests without going to a single class. I have yet to get her to speak a single word to me but I have heard he speaking to the ship. I am not really sure what that is about but it cute, in a weird creepy sort of way…
Then we have Polyhmnia Alden our medical girl. Polly is… friendly, very very friendly. She is so friendly she had to swith fields twice and had to be reassigned from the EAS Markin. I have to keep showing her which room is hers and which room is actually mine.
Well that is everyone aboard the Truvate. We may seem like a bunch of misfits but I am sure we will come together to become the best R&R crew out there.
Well… I am not really sure what all I am really suppose to say. They don’t train you on how to do the logs at the academy. I think I have gone over everything.
Thank you members of U.P.A for listening .
This has been Captain Tobias Harlan Hamm, eagerly awaiting our first job.


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