Space Junkers


This is Captain Tobias Harlan Hamm making his second log entry aboard the RRS Truvate.
We have just come off our first mission, which was to salvage U.P.A equipment and data from the messenger ship the MAS Helbert.
I can not say the mission went exactly smooth. Huxley showed up hungover. He had no idea how to work any of the computers, which I am not sure if it was just because he was so hungover or if he really has not idea how a computer works… We did not end up being able to retrieve any of the data from the ship because Huxley vomited all over… well all over everything and broke the system.
We did get all of the equipment off the ship that we were suppose to, but we may have broken the Jenja… I have no idea what a Jenja is or does, but it is very large and very heavy. It was the last thing we decided to load on to our ship. Huxley refused to help and just sat in the corner complaining about how bad he felt.
It turns out Enu and I are not very good at communicating with one another. We were both caring it and I told him to turn to turn left but I meant my left which was his right. Long story short we dropped it, it is now missing several pieces and my hand is broken.
Polly has put a cast on my hand up keeps trying to… comfort me. It has been an interesting day to say the least.
I am sure our next mission will go better, we are all new at this. We are now in route to deliver what were able to retrieve and that’s all I have for now.
Thank you U.P.A for listening this has been Captain Tobias Harlan Hamm, still just trying to get a hang of this whole thing.


2 thoughts on “Space Junkers

  1. Bears some similarities to Joss Whedon’s “Firefly,” which is a good thing and no mistake. A bit of friendly advice: make sure to format your paragraphs so that there are spaces between them. No one like a long wall of text, even if the breaks are obvious.

    Aesthetics are a big thing in writing. Maybe I’ll write a blog about that, actually. Could be some fun.

    Anyway, thanks for the follow. Keep writing. Hope to see you around.

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