Random Thought…

I recently watched the movie Austenland. Which is about a modern girl who goes to this Jane Austen resort where she basically gets to live out a Jane Austen story. In the movie they mention how Mr. Darcy is the ideal man, now this not the first time I have heard this. I started thinking about why women seem to think this.

I will say that I have never read a Jane Austen book, past the first three chapters of Pride and Prejudice. I have seen several of the movie adaptions of her novels. When we first meet Mr. Darcy he is a complete ass. Yes he does redeem himself but not until halfway through the story. Why do we make this our ideal man?

Look at the other man in this story, Mr Bingley. He is sweet and overly nice the whole time, he does not seem to care about class like the others do. He does allow Darcy to talk him out of his thing with Jane but really that is the only flaw I really see. People seem not to be like “Oh I need to find me a Mr. Bingley.” Perhaps it is because there does not seem to be any real person like Bingley, I have met one person that I would call a Mr. Bingley ever. There might not be a lot of Mr. Darcy’s around either but there are a lot of jerks. So maybe the real reason we like Darcy is because it gives us hope that the person we are with are just jerks right now but if we stick around long enough we will see we had been wrong all along. Rarely does that happen, if they seem to be a complete ass they probably are a complete ass. 

Books and Movies are filled with romance that is not very realistic, and we know that it is not likely we would ever experience that sort of romance but we still enjoy the fantasy. I do not think it wrong that people fantasize about finding their own person Mr. Darcy. I just find it interesting that out of all of the men in Jane Austen’s stories, he is the one that really sticks out to people as the ultimate man. Colin Firth and Matthew Macfadyen may have helped with that as well. 

That was just something I was thinking about…


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