ImageI think my dog maybe secretly plotting my death. I got my dog Darcy when she was just 8 weeks old. Why would I ever suspect that something that adorable would be capable of something so dark and sinister. She had me fooled for a long time but here lately I have caught on to her game. 

About a month ago I was in the kitchen fixing lunch when I suddenly I had a strange feeling that I was being watched. I looked up and saw Darcy staring at me through the reflection of the television. ImageAfter that I began to notice that no matter where I went in the house she was always right there waiting and watching me with her cold dark eyes. I know not what exactly she is planning, but I am sure it can be nothing good. I do not know when she will strike or what she is waiting for. Perhaps all of the canines in the world are planning an uprising to take down the humans. 


Although I could not imagine dogs coming up with a plan like that one their own, after all they are suppose to be mans best friend. In reality if an uprising does occur it would probably be at the hand of the cat, malicious creatures. 

I could be wrong she could be watching me thinking I am the evil one. I can not say for sure, but maybe you should keep and extra close eye on your pouch just in case there is an uprising in the works….

Ok so I dont really think my dog is trying to kill me but she does seem to always be staring at me which is a little unnerving. 

A fun fact about Dalmatians is that they “smile”. Which I thought would be a neat thing, how wrong I was. It is quite terrifying and she does it all the time. So I will leave you with one finale picture of my adorable dog “smiling” to end this absurd post. 



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